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“Nationwide Conference in Hyderabad to Address Challenges and Advancements in Urdu Journalism”

Hyderabad is eagerly anticipating the upcoming national conference organized by the Telangana Urdu Working Journalists Federation (TUWJF). This momentous event, scheduled for May 28, aims to tackle the pressing challenges faced by Urdu journalists and explore the ever-evolving landscape of Urdu journalism.

The conference will center around promoting growth and development within the field, delving into critical issues encountered by Urdu journalists nationwide. These include the struggles faced by Urdu writers, the need to adapt to the changing demands of journalism, and other pertinent concerns.

An impressive array of esteemed experts and eminent personalities will grace the conference with their presence, lending their invaluable expertise and insights to the discussions. Distinguished attendees include Justice B. Sudarshan Reddy, a former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, Professor Syed Ainul Hasan, Vice Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, and Professor Padmaja Shah, former Dean of Journalism at Osmania University. Their participation underscores the significance of the event and the collective determination to address the challenges faced by Urdu journalists.

According to TUWJF President M.A. Majid, the conference aims to raise awareness among Urdu journalists about the demands of digital media in the contemporary landscape. “It will shed light on the injustices experienced by Urdu journalists, such as issues related to accreditation cards, representation in State and District Accreditation committees, non-acceptance of health cards in hospitals, biases in land allocation, and double-bedroom accommodations,” he emphasized.

To ensure the success of the conference, dedicated committees, led by TUWJF General Secretary Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin and Conference Convener Habeeb Ali Al Jeelani, have been actively involved in the planning process. Their tireless efforts have been focused on creating a platform for meaningful discussions and constructive solutions.

The TUWJF’s first national conference marks a significant advancement in tackling the difficulties that Urdu journalists and the journalism industry as a whole face. The conference intends to open the door for constructive change and advancements in Urdu journalism throughout the nation by bringing together professionals, journalists, and political leaders. A historic occasion that will influence Urdu journalism’s future and equip its practitioners to meet the demands of a media landscape that is fast changing will take place in Hyderabad.



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