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Nehha Pendse remembers Sridevi; praises her ‘immaculate comic timing’

Actress Nehha Pendse, who plays a pivotal role in the show ‘May I Come In Madam’, has praised the comic style and various aspects of the late legendary actress Sridevi, as she opened up about her preference for the comedy genre.

Talking about her comedy preferences, Nehha said: “I prefer situational and natural comedy. I don’t like slapstick or overly physical comedy. I prioritize comedy that emerges naturally from the situation.”  

She shared that she has a special inclination towards sitcoms because they bring humor from everyday situations, connecting with the audience.  Nehha said: “Furthermore, there is a lack of representation of female comedy artists in the industry, while the number of female stand-up comedians is increasing. To be honest, it’s unfortunate that we have very few actresses performing in the comedy style.

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Fondly remembering the late actress Sridevi, Nehha said: “Sridevi is still alive in our hearts. Sridevi had an immaculate comic timing, and her charm never failed to captivate the audience.” 

“The praise for Sridevi’s multifaceted talent is not enough, and, she remains the number one actress and an idol for me,” she added.  ‘May I Come in Madam’ airs on Star Bharat.

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