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No Bird flu in Telangana, 1300 teams to check: Talasani

 Hyderabad: Animal Husbandry Minister, T Srinivas Yadav today said that Telangana has no bird flu effect and there is no need for panic on this.

The Minister held a high-level meeting at his Masabtank office and reviewed the situation of the bird flu problem in other states.   Later he informed that there is no need for panic among people about the Bird flu as our state is not affected by it. We have formed 1300 teams of the department to check the same the minister said.

He attributed the advanced steps by his department that could prevent the Bird flu in Telangana.  The officials took samples of 276 birds and tested to check the problems if any he said.  Telangana government is ready to check the problem and people should not worry.

We have all the necessary arrangements to prevent the spread of the bird flu into the state as conducting awareness camps with poultry industry professionals.  This flu was spotted in cocks and other migratory birds in some other states he said adding that our state is prepared to check it.   The problem was found in states like Rajasthan,  Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh he said. These state governments involved in the process of culling the birds and  be killed.

Our state occupied the third position in the poultry industry in India,  the minister said.  The officials are alerted at all levels on the Bird flu and to take steps against its effects, the minister said.  Rapid response teams are on the job as the government has already alerted on the same he said.  Our teams are on high alert to check the same he added.



source (NSS)
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