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No Conspiracy Found in ‘Love Jihad’ Cases in UP; Contradicts CM Yogi Adityanath’s Claims

Lucknow: A ‘special investigation’ started by UP Police into claims of allurement and forced conversion of Hindu women– which is named as ‘love jihad’ by UP CM Yogi Adityanath – has settled that most of Hindu-Muslim romance cases investigated were consensual, a report by The Wire says.

Each of the 22 police stations in Kanpur city was required to report suspicious instances of Hindu-Muslim romance however just 14 cases eventually arose, which the special investigation group investigated. The SIT’s report showed that in eight of the 14 cases, the Hindu women had either married Muslim men or been with them of their own free will. In six cases, the FIRs filed are as yet being investigated.

Kanpur Police SIT investigated 14 cases in September in which Muslim men allegedly married Hindu women and forcibly converted them or had created ‘love relations’ by deception.

In eight of the 14 cases investigated, the women straightforwardly declared that their relationships with the accused were consensual and based on love. Six of these include married with Muslim men, while two were confined to what the police report names “love relations”.

One of these two women apparently said to the police that she had ‘love relations’ with a Muslim man however that was on the grounds that the man had promised to marry her.

In the six situations where a nikah took place, the police treated the husbands as accused yet couldn’t produce proof that the women were converted forcibly.

One of the women was quoted as stating there was a relationship between her and the accused, whom she knew for quite a while. Another woman said to the police that she had consensually gone with the accused, made physical contacts and chose to marry him of her own free will. A third woman stated that there was no pressure on her to marry the accused and she had gone to him on her own. Another woman said that she had a nikah with the accused of her free will.

The report notes that three of the women clearly added that the claims mentioned are false.

Of the 14 cases investigated, just six have been identified by the police as ‘suspicious’. The SIT report states that the said women have “validated” the claims made by the complainants of the FIR, who are, in most cases, either the sibling or father of the women. Of these, one includes an allegation of rape, two are of marriage where the man utilized a false name, one is an alleged kidnapping, one is of intimidation and one of a boy romancing a girl on the phone utilizing a fake name.




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