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No Employment or Visa Opportunities for those Caught in Ganja Cases

Excise Inspector S. Chandrasekhar Goud from Uppal has issued a stern warning to the youth, cautioning them against involvement in ganja-related cases, stating that it could jeopardize their chances of securing government or private sector jobs, as well as visas. Addressing the press on Monday, Goud emphasized the commitment of Excise and Prohibition authorities in taking decisive measures to curb the prevalence of ganja and narcotic drug usage among the youth.

As part of their stringent approach, suspects have been instructed to report to the police station on a weekly basis. Cases are being registered against them, and continuous monitoring is in place. Goud highlighted that drug addicts must visit the police station every six months, as determined by authorities, for examinations to assess their progress in overcoming narcotic addiction.

Individuals caught consuming ganja will be obligated to appear before the magistrate, with Goud clarifying that violators of bind over regulations face a two-year imprisonment and a Rs 2 lakh fine.

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This legal consequence also extends to those involved in the sale of ganja, in addition to other relevant sections of the law. The Excise Inspector reported that five individuals have already been sentenced to two years of imprisonment and fined Rs 2 lakh for violating bind over rules.

Goud further revealed that approximately 300 students and young people who had consumed ganja were provided counseling sessions. The records of individuals engaged in both the consumption and sale of ganja have been documented and uploaded onto the excise department’s website for public access.

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