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No Nipah case reported for third day in Kozhikode

For the third consecutive day, no new case of Nipah has been reported in Kozhikode city of Kerala, where six positive cases have been reported so far. Two deaths have also been reported as well.

“One of the patients who had come in contact with one of the deceased, who died due to Nipah, has tested negative. Around 61 people who were high-risk cases have turned negative and so far 197 have been tested and all of them have turned negative. In all there are 1233 people who may have contracted the disease,” State Health Minister Veena George said.

He said that the central team of experts have expressed their happiness in the way we have handled this outbreak. “The condition of the four people who are currently positive is stable and improving as well. Even though things are under control, the caution will continue,” said George.

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Meanwhile, a few teams are studying the areas at Kozhikode from where the six positive cases were detected. Nipah Virus, often abbreviated as NiV, is a zoonotic virus that can cause severe illness in humans. It was first identified in Malaysia in 1999 during an outbreak among pig farmers and subsequently in Singapore.

Nipah Virus belongs to the family Paramyxoviridae, genus Henipavirus. RNA virus is known to cause Nipah virus infection, or Nipah Virus Disease (NiVD) in humans.





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