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Northeast Receives Lowest Monsoon Rain among India’s 4 Regions

Even though the four-month-long (June to September) Southwest monsoon is yet to withdraw from the northeastern region, three of the eight states of the region — Assam, Manipur, and Mizoram — witnessed deficient monsoon rainfall due to a lack of rain-bearing clouds and monsoon troughs from the Bay of Bengal.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), of the four IMD regions across the country, the northeast region has recorded 82 percent rain in this year’s monsoon period so far.  

A senior official in the IMD, Nahush Kulkarni, said that the Southwest monsoon has not yet withdrawn from the northeastern region.

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“After analyzing all monsoon-related parameters and environmental conditions, the IMD would announce the withdrawal of the seasonal monsoon,” Kulkarni told Media.

Another IMD official said that normally the four-month-long Southwest monsoon departs a week or 10 days after the withdrawal of the monsoon from most parts of the country.

The IMD had on Saturday released the 2023 Southwest monsoon end seasonal report, saying that rainfall over the country as a whole during September was 94 percent of its long-period average (LPA).

Seasonal rainfall over Northwest India, Central India, South Peninsula, and Northeast (NE) India was 101 percent, 100 percent, 92 percent, and 82 percent, of their respective LPA, respectively, it said.  

Experts said that as per the long-period average estimation, during the past three to four years, though the northeastern states witnessed normal rainfall, uneven distribution of monsoon rain has affected various crops in the region, where agriculture is the mainstay.

According to the IMD data, Assam, Manipur, and Mizoram so far this year witnessed deficient rainfall while five other northeastern states — Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and Tripura — have experienced normal rains so far since the southwest monsoon began in June.

There are four meteorological sub-divisions in the northeastern region — Arunachal Pradesh, Assam-Meghalaya, Nagaland-Manipur-Mizoram-Tripura, and Sikkim & parts of West Bengal.

In Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Tripura, there is 12 percent to 16 percent deficient rainfall while in Sikkim, 5 percent excess rains have been recorded since June. As per the IMD norms, up to 19 percent deficient or excess rainfall is categorized as normal.

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