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Nuh violence: Why a ban on the entry of Muslim traders?

The ongoing tension continues after stone pelting and firing during the Shobha Yatra on July 31 in Nuh, Haryana. Even after the violence, efforts are being made to maintain peace by turning the entire Nuh into a cantonment, but the panchayats here are once again trying to ignite the fire of violence in Nuh by their orders.

After the violence that broke out in Nuh 10 days ago, more than 50 panchayats in Rewari, Mahendragarh and Jhajjar have written a letter demanding a ban on the entry of Muslim traders. Along with this, an order has also been issued that all Muslim families in the village will have to hand over their identity documents to the police.

In such a situation, the question arises, why is there a ban on the entry of Muslim traders in this district with 70 percent Muslim population? When contacted about the letter, Monika, sarpanch of Budpur Panchayat, said that mischievous elements of certain communities roam around the village during the day and commit thefts at night.

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We have written this letter after the incident of Nuh, because in these incidents of theft, the names of only a certain class of people have been revealed. Sarpanch Vikas of Syedpur in Mahendragarh said that despite the large Muslim population in Mewat, only a few families live in our village.

He said that Nuh violence was a trigger. Our intention is not to hurt the sentiments of any religion. Our effort is to prevent violence like Nuh. After peace in Nuh, the letter is withdrawn. Sarpanch Vijender Singh of Padawas said that the letter has been written in view of the Nuh incident and to maintain peace in the village.

There was no intent to harm any community. We have no problem with Muslims. Now the incident of Nuh is over, there is no anger among the people. We are now withdrawing the letter.







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