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One-night bride scam exposed in Madhya Pradesh

Police in Madhya Pradesh’s Sehore district have dismantled a gang specializing in one-night robbery bride scams, leading to the arrest of 11 members. Authorities recovered a substantial amount of stolen gold and silver ornaments along with cash from the apprehended individuals.

The Sehore Kotwali Police uncovered the operation, which preyed on unmarried youths under the guise of marriage. The modus operandi involved extracting money from the victims and arranging for them to marry gang members posing as brides. Following the marriage, the imposters absconded with the victims’ money and jewelry after a brief stay.

The scheme came to light when one of the gang members, Gulnaz, attempted to flee after arriving as a bride in Bagli village, located in the Sundarsi police station area of Shajapur district. Gulnaz subsequently filed a case against her alleged husband, alleging kidnapping and rape. However, as the investigation unfolded, the true nature of the criminal enterprise emerged, leading to the arrest of 11 suspects.

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Upon questioning, Jasmat Rajput, one of the accused, revealed that he had purchased Gulnaz for Rs 150,000, a transaction documented on a stamped agreement. Subsequent arrests, including that of witness Zalim Singh, shed further light on the gang’s activities.

Gulnaz and Jalam Singh confessed to the police that they orchestrated similar frauds under the guise of marriage. The gang also included Gulnaz’s boyfriend, Ankit Lodha, and accomplice Ashok Malviya, who scouted for potential victims among unmarried youths in villages.

In one instance, Gulnaz, under the alias Manisha, was sold to Manisha’s family for Rs 150,000 and married off. However, her lover, Ankit, attempted to retrieve her, leading to a confrontation with Manisha’s alleged husband, Jasmat. Subsequently, Gulnaz filed a report against Jasmat at Sundarsi police station.

The gang utilized forged Aadhaar cards, fabricated by Rajendra Dev and assisted by Rais Khan of Bhopal, to perpetrate their scams. Rajendra operated a photocopy shop in Bhopal, where he would scan Aadhaar cards and create fake identity documents.

Authorities suspect that the gang may have perpetrated similar frauds in other states, although further investigations are ongoing. The 11 arrested individuals face charges related to their involvement in the elaborate scam.

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