Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Opp parties slam govt on RTC strike issue

Hyderabad: Opposition parties today slammed the TRS Government for adopting a dictatorial attitude towards striking employees of the RTC.

At an all-party meeting in  Somajiguda Press Club here,  the opposition parties– BJP,  TDP,  CPI,  CPM and the Congress– expressed serious displeasure at the government for stating that the striking employees of the RTC were dismissed. They took serious exception to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for stating that all the employees were removed from the job for participating in the RTC strike.

 TD leader R Chandrasekhar Reddy said that the people will teach the government a lesson for its undemocratic decision of removing the employees which is not right. Strike and protests are democratic rights of the employees and staff to achieve their just demands,  he felt. The opposition parties will support and intensify the strike until the KCR Government concedes to the merger and other demands,  the TD leader said.

CPM leader Thammineni Veerabhadram slammed the chief minister for his dictatorial attitude of stating that the employees of the RTC were removed. The CPM warned that the opposition parties and people will bury the KCR government if he fails to stop suppressing the employees,  their rights and just demands. He fumed that Telangana has a history of smashing such as dictatorial leaders.

BJP leader Ramachandra Rao fumed at the KCR Government for his announcement that the employees of the RTC were self dismissed by joining the strike. He supported the strike. CPI Leader Dr. Ch Sudhakar alleged that such undemocratic decisions or steps were not seen before.

The opposition parties will address a public meeting against the government, he added.