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Over 8K madrasas running without approval in Uttar Pradesh:Claim Yogi Govt.

Reports are emerging-out of the ongoing by-election hustings in Uttar Pradesh that the Yogi Adityanath led BJP Government has finally completed the survey of Deeni Madrasas in the state and found over eight thousand madrasas running without approval.

It is said that a total number of 8,496 madrasas in 75 districts were found running without approval. The state administration received the overall report of the survey. It is said that the UP government will try to bring all these madrasas into the mainstream by regularizing these institutions.

Revealing that the state administration has received the survey report of the madrasas from all the districts, the Minister for Minority Welfare Dharampal Singh said, “Very soon a review meeting will be held with the administrative officials to chew over the survey report. The meeting will also ascertain whether the set rules are being followed or not in these institutions.

Meanwhile, the Chairman Madarsa Board Dr.Iftekhar Ahmed Jawed stated that advanced education is equally important with the religious teachings for the students in deeni madrasas.

“These Madrasas are playing an important role in providing education to the children of backward class communities in the society. Madarsa Board never considers any madarsa as unapproved or bogus. Though the Madarsa Board never approved any madarsa during the last seven years but they will be encouraged to get the approval after the survey,” he clarified.

Earlier, the Minister for Minority Welfare Dharampal Singh made a statement that subjects like mathematics and science will also be taught in all the madrasas in the state to help Muslims students become an officer instead of becoming a moulvi of a mosque.

The statement of the minister came on the day when the Election Commission announced the schedule for the by-polls of one Lok Sabha and two Assembly constituencies of Muzaffarnagar district in the state.

Claiming that the move is a part of PM Modi’s ‘New Indian Vision’, the Minister further said that “Besides islamic teachings, subjects like mathematics, science, social sciences and Hindi will also be taught to the children in madrasas.”