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Overloaded Trucks Pose Road Safety Threat

Frequent incidents of overloaded trucks pose a significant threat to road safety in various constituencies of Rangareddy district. Tippers transporting gravel and other materials often cause chaos on the roads due to their excessive loads.

Reports suggest that traders in the construction industry are prioritizing profits over safety by overloading tippers. This practice leads to blatant violations of regulations, with heavy vehicles regularly flouting rules without repercussions from the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

In a recent accident near Ayyavaripalli, a tipper carrying gravel spilled its load onto the road while traveling from Kondurg crusher to Shadnagar. A stone dislodged from the tipper struck a passing vehicle, causing damage to its windows and injuring two occupants. Although the injuries were not life-threatening, the incident underscores the risks associated with overloaded tippers.

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Local residents and motorists have expressed frustration over the authorities’ apparent failure to enforce weight limits on these vehicles. Despite the repeated occurrence of such accidents, little action has been taken to address the issue effectively.

Motorists and passengers are now calling for stricter enforcement of regulations to prevent overloaded tippers from endangering lives on the roads. They urge both the Road Transport Officer and the police to take immediate and decisive measures to ensure road safety.

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