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Pakistan National Assembly to be dissolved on August 9

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday told his coalition partners that the summary to dissolve the National Assembly would be moved on August 9, Geo News reported.

The assurance was given by the premier during a dinner he hosted for his coalition partners during which the political situation of the country and general elections was discussed.

Officials, who were privy to the meeting and spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the premier informed his coalition partners that he would begin consultations with Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Raja Riaz on a caretaker prime minister from today.

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The premier added that he is hopeful that the consultation would end within two to three days, Geo News reported. The current assembly’s tenure will end on August 12 and if it completes its stipulated time then elections will be held within 60 days. However, the Constitution states that the polls must be held within 90 days if the assembly is dissolved before the completion of its tenure.

If the summary is moved to dissolve the lower house of parliament on August 9 that it would be liable to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to hold polls within 90 days. However, before the assembly dissolution the government and the opposition need to agree on a name for a caretaker prime minister, Geo News reported.

Last month, PM Shehbaz constituted a five-member committee of the PML-N to hold consultations on the selection of a caretaker premier and dissolution of the National Assembly, The News had reported.

Though the provincial assemblies of Sindh and Balochistan will also be dissolved along with the National Assembly next month, the panel has no members from outside Punjab.






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