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PDS rice Scandal: Rachakonda police

Hyderabad: Maheshwaram police have caught 5 persons and seized 420 Quintas of PDS Rice, one lorry, two cars, and one auto. The case has been registered in Maheshwaram police station.

Rathlvath Ganesh, Singham Satish Kumar, Gubbio anil, kagura Srinivas and Korra Shankar have been arrested by maheshwaram police on Thursday.

On the 1st of July, a complaint has been registered by the enforcement officer of maheshwaram about the illegal storage of PDS rice. The enforcement officer of maheshwaram said that he received a piece of sustainable information about the illegal storage of PDS rice at Mankhal. As soon as he received this information he rushed to the location of storage and saw about 860 PDS rice bags In the godown.

The method of accused is to buy PDS rice at lower rates from the innocent people and then sell it to the common needy people at high rates by which the accused will get a huge amount of profit. They illegally store and transport the PDS rice without proper permission from the adequate authorities.

The accused were arrested by Sri Mahesh M. Bhagwat IPS, commissioner of police Rachakonda and maheshwaram police staff.