Monday, September 28, 2020
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Petrol price in India rises whereas diesel stays constant

Petrol price has kept up its ascent with the fuel price expanding again on Friday, while diesel is clutching its value line that it has kept up since July 30.

In the international market, the crude price has additionally stayed firm with benchmark Brent crude hovering near to $ 46 a barrel.

State-possessed oil showcasing organizations on Friday expanded the cost of petroleum by 11 paise for each litre in Delhi while 10 paise for every litre in Mumbai and Kolkata and by nine paise for every litre in Chennai.

As per Indian Oil website, petroleum costs in Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi expanded to Rs 84.91, Rs 83.43, Rs 88.58, Rs 81.94 per litre separately, Notwithstanding, diesel costs are holding consistent in these metros at Rs 78.86, Rs 77.06, Rs 80.11 and Rs 73.56per litre.

Petrol, diesel price have now ascended in 11 of the most recent 13 days and the public capital, it is currently costly by Rs 1.51 per litre during the period.

Benchmark Brent crude has stayed firm and agreements for November conveyance on intercontinental trade has ascended to $ 45.75 a barrel. The US WTI crude is likewise holding up at over $ 43 a barrel.