Monday, June 14, 2021
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Plane Crash In Nigeria, Several Killed

Seven people were killed in a military plane crash in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital this Sunday.

*The plane crashed in Nigeria’s capital Abuja
*Cause of crash found to be engine failure
*All seven passengers died in the plane crash

The Air Force representing authority Ibikunle Daramola expressed grief through a statement confirming the crash in Abuja, and said that a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Beechcraft KingAir B350i airplane had crashed on its return trip to the Abuja Airport after reporting an engine failure, enroute Minna which is the capital of the Niger state in the nation’s central-north region. He added that first responders had been dispatched and are at the scene. However, all 7 passengers on board had died in the crash.

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According to the Dramola; Oladayo Amao, the Chief of the Air Staff has directed an immediate investigation into the accident, and urged the public to apprehend themselves from panicking and to remain calm and patiently await the outcomings of the investigation.

An insider at the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) had told that the voice recorder of the aircraft had been retrieved.

The inside source had said that no call for mayday was declared by the pilot and hence verifies thought that he the plane would make the 400 metre away run-away. The source confirmed this via a confidential statement and preferred to be anonymous.

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The first responders which included the fire department service and the local residents from Bassanjuwa, a farming community near the airport, had suffered a hectic time in putting off the fire and searching for the victims through the debris.

A military source had said that the jet was directed for a surveillance mission to the Niger state, where hundreds of students and residents were found to be kidnapped in Kagara town of the state on Wednesday.