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‘Play-act likely gone wrong’- Parents of 9-year-old girl who hanged herself raise suspicions

The death of a 9-year-old girl in Hyderabad is now attracting the suspicion of the deceased’s parents. She was found last week hanging by her neck in her home. Though the cops registered the case as a suspicious death, officials linked it to a play-act gone terribly wrong. 


The girl has been identified as Nenavath Sreenidhi who resided in Saidapet’s Khaja Colony with her parents and younger siblings. The parents were not at home when the incident took place on March 23rd, Tuesday. 

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According to the neighbours of the family, they were informed about the death of the girl by her cousins and siblings who were present with her during the time. The children raised an alarm over the issue when it gathered attention.  

As per the Saidabad Police Inspector K Srinivas, it appeared as if the girl had hanged herself with a skipping rope from the ceiling and her sister had cut the rope by climbing on a chair.  

Eye-witnesses aware of the activities of the children said that it seemed like the girl had been putting off her brother from coming along with her to a temple she wanted to go to. She had even threatened to hang herself if he kept pleading, they said. Moreover, the girl had also attempted to kill herself many times due to the same.   

Though the conclusion will be arrived at after the post mortem report is received, a police officer said, “It was possibly a playful act gone terribly wrong.” 

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However, the parents of the girl have now raised doubts over the mysterious death of their daughter, according to Mr Srinivas. He also said that the parents have been asked to reach the cops in case they are in knowledge of anything that is suspicious in order to probe it. 

The police is awaiting the autopsy report following which the case will be investigated further to determine the actual cause of death, the events that led to it and whether it was a case of suicide or possible murder. 


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