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Police Crack Down on Illegal Racing, Seize Vehicles Near T-Hub

In a proactive move against street racing, the Raidurgam Police of Cyberabad Commissionerate have registered nine cases involving 89 bike racers and two car racers. The incident occurred near T-Hub, Knowledge City, Raidurgam, where authorities seized a total of 89 bikes and two cars.

Dr. G. Vineeth, DCP of Madhapur Zone, disclosed these details during a press conference held at Raidurgam police station. According to police reports, they received credible information on June 1 about young individuals racing bikes and causing a disturbance in the vicinity of T-Hub, Knowledge City, Gachibowli.

Upon arrival at the scene, Raidurgam Police encountered bikers engaged in stunts and racing on public roads, posing risks to public safety and potentially causing accidents. Despite attempts to flee upon police arrival, authorities tactically detained 50 bikes, resulting in cases being filed against all 50 bikers.

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The arrested bikers were brought before the Executive Magistrate, each required to furnish a surety of Rs. 1 lakh. Police warned of stringent penalties for repeat offenders, including a fine of Rs. 1 lakh and vehicle confiscation under the Motor Vehicle Act, enforced by the Road Transport Authority (RTA).

Authorities urged parents to supervise their children, emphasizing the severe risks posed by illegal racing, which could lead to accidents and loss of life. Bike racing remains strictly prohibited, with violations subject to legal action, including potential imprisonment.

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