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Poor English speaking skills halt free run of man who married 15 women in K’taka

Karnataka Police have arrested a man, who cheated and married 15 women, claiming to be a doctor or an engineer in Mysuru district. His free run, however, ended after his latest victim, a software professional, grew suspicious and lodged a police complaint.

The accused is identified as Mahesh K. B. Nayak from Banashankari locality in Bengaluru. The 35-year-old accused used to flee with money and jewels after the marriage. According to police, the accused had married more than 15 women since 2014.

The software professional was trapped by the accused last year. She grew suspicious of the accused’s poor spoken English skills and gathered information about him and lodged a police complaint against him in Mysuru. The police had received a complaint from another woman earlier.

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Police said that the accused made a fake matrimonial profile and trapped gullible women. He claimed to be an engineer and sometimes a doctor. He had even set up a fake clinic in Tumakuru city and hired a nurse.

The accused had told police that many women had rejected him for his poor communication skills in the English language.

Police probe revealed that he had four children and the accused never again met the women, mostly educated. after stealing gold and valuables. Police have taken up further investigation.








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