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Prohibited Items for Hajj Pilgrimage: Saudi Arabia’s Restrictions for a Smooth Journey

Saudi Arabia has banned four specified products from the Hajj pilgrimage in 2023. The following goods are prohibited:

  1. plastic bags:Pilgrims are urged not to carry their stuff in plastic bags because bringing filled plastic bags on an aeroplane is prohibited. Violation of this restriction may result in airport problems.
  2. Bottled water and open liquids: Pilgrims should not bring water bottles or any other liquids that may spill during flight. Airport personnel may remove such objects from pilgrims’ possessions.
  3. Wrapped items in clothing:Pilgrims should avoid wrapping their belongings in garments and carrying bags/items wrapped in clothing. These goods are not authorised on board the aircraft.
  4. Unpackaged or poorly packaged items:Items or substances that are not properly wrapped or may pose a risk of spilling or falling out of their packing are strictly prohibited aboard the aeroplane.

It is critical for pilgrims to follow these limits in order to have a peaceful and trouble-free journey during the Hajj pilgrimage.



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