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Rahul Criticizes PM’s Focus on Israel Amid Ongoing Violence in Manipur

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that people have been killed for over five months in Manipur but the Prime Minister does not find time to come to the state and it is amazing to see our government is so interested in what is going on in Israel.

Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Aizawl said, “I really do not understand why PM did not travel in Manipur. It’s a shame for a leader of the country.”

Referring to his visit to Manipur a few months back, he said that the national media has story after story on the Middle East but no more on the ethnic crisis-ridden state.

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“Manipur is a symptom, you can see what happened in Manipur also reflecting other parts of India. Tribals, minorities, and Dalits are feeling uncomfortable under BJP rule and this is an attack on the idea of India.

“It is the duty of every single Indian to protect every single religion, every single culture, and every single Indian irrespective of religion,” the Lok Sabha member from Kerala’s Wayanad said adding that the BJP attacks “your culture, religion, your thoughts and the ruling MNF (Mizo National Front) supports BJP.”

Expressing his discontent over the drug menaces, Rahul Gandhi said that the drugs are spreading rampantly in Mizoram and 259 young lives have been taken away by drug abuse in the state.

He said that the young people of Mizoram are not getting jobs so they are getting frustrated, turning to drugs. In the last five years the MNF government has given only 2000 jobs, the Congress leader claimed. Noting that the Congress has worked for the development of Mizoram for the last many years, Rahul Gandhi said that with the signing of the Mizo peace accord in 1986 transition from violent Mizoram to peaceful Mizoram had started.

Highlighting the Congress-led government’s performance in Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, the former Congress President said that these governments have been implementing many beneficial schemes from the health sector to women’s welfare to education.

Be it the social safety infrastructure in Karnataka, Rs 25L health insurance cover in Rajasthan, or the welfare of farmers and MSMEs in Chhattisgarh, our leadership in the states works with a vision, he stated.

“Congress and the party-ruled government have been protecting farmers, small businessmen, workers, poor wage-earners but BJP has been depriving and attacking them. GST has been designed to harm India’s farmers and small traders.”

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