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Rahul Gandhi Sparks Controversy with “Panauti Modi” Remark After India’s World Cup Loss

In a recent election rally in Rajasthan’s Balotra, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi indirectly pointed fingers at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, attributing India’s World Cup final loss to Australia to the Prime Minister’s presence at the match in Ahmedabad.

Rahul suggested that the team would have won if PM Modi hadn’t attended. Responding to a crowd member shouting “panauti” (bad omen), Rahul cheekily acknowledged the term, stating that the ‘bad omen’ in this case was PM Modi. He even coined the term “PM means Panauti Modi.”

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) strongly objected to Rahul’s remarks, calling them “shameful, condemnable, and disgraceful.” Ravi Shankar Prasad, a senior BJP leader, demanded an apology from Rahul, comparing it to Sonia Gandhi’s past comment about Modi being a “maut ka saudagar.” Prasad condemned Rahul’s comments as a reflection of frustration due to the anticipated defeat of the Congress in the upcoming assembly polls.

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India’s heartbreaking loss to Australia at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad ended their impressive 10-match undefeated streak in the World Cup. Australia secured their sixth World Cup title with a 6-wicket victory, leaving fans disheartened.

PM Modi, however, consoled the Indian players after the match, expressing pride in the team’s performance. In a video shared on social media, PM Modi reassured the players, acknowledging their remarkable journey and encouraging them to smile, as the entire country was watching and supporting them. Despite the defeat, PM Modi emphasized that India stands with the team today and always.

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