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Rain Threatens South Africa-Australia Semi-Final

Amidst the excitement of the thrilling first semi-final of the World Cup 2023, the anticipation for the second semi-final between South Africa and Australia is tempered by the looming threat of rain. Scheduled to take place at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, cricket enthusiasts are left wondering if the match will indeed transpire or be marred by the weather.

The stakes are undeniably high for this World Cup semi-final, where the teams are vying for a spot in the final, making any disruption due to rain a significant concern. The prospect of the match being washed away raises questions about who will secure the coveted ticket to the final between South Africa and Australia.

Set for November 16, today, weather forecasts for Kolkata indicate a likelihood of rain, with a current estimate of 25% rainfall. Cloudy skies and humidity further add to the uncertainty surrounding the match.

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To address potential rain-induced interruptions, the ICC has wisely implemented a reserve day for all knockout matches. If the second semi-final cannot be held as scheduled due to rain, it will be rescheduled for the following day. However, if rain persists on the reserve day, efforts will be made to salvage the match through a condensed 20-20 overs format.

The contingency plan prompts another question: What if even a 20-20 overmatch proves impossible on the reserve day? In such a scenario, the ICC will resort to deciding the finalists based on the teams’ rankings in the league round points table. South Africa, currently occupying the second position in the points table, could then secure a ticket to the finals based on their ranking.

The ICC’s foresight in incorporating these measures ensures that despite the unpredictable weather, the World Cup 2023 will progress towards crowning a deserving champion.

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