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Ramadan 2022: Countries with the longest and shortest Ramadan fast

Ramadan is considered the favourite month of Muslims who fast during the holy month. During this month, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking during the day. They may eat only two meals – one to begin the fast before sunrise and one to end it after sunset.

The fasting times of countries nearer to the equator are generally the same as daylight hours. Those countries that are far from the centre of the Earth only experience drastic differences in sunrise and sunset times from season to season.

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Countries with the longest Ramadan fast in 2022


Fasting is often difficult for Muslims in Iceland. Iceland has the longest Ramadan fast in the world due to its seasonal changes. It is because the Nordic island nation has the longest days and shortest nights.

Muslims in Iceland will fast for about 17 hours this year based on the time of sunrise and sunset. It might surprise you to know that this Ramadan is shorter than many others. Since Ramadan was in May and June in 2018, the Muslims there had to fast for 22 hours.

Muslims in countries such as England, France, Portugal, and Poland will also observe longer Ramadan fasts in 2022 as there will be sixteen hours of sunlight.

Countries with shortest Ramadan fast in 2022

Among the countries with the shortest Ramadan fast in 2022 will be New Zealand, South Africa, Paraguay, and Uruguay, thanks to the short daylight hours ranging from 11 to 12 hours.

Country with 23 hours of fasting

Finland beats Iceland by an entire hour. Having fast for 23 hours and 5 minutes in 2021, the country holds the record for the longest Ramadan fast. Similarly, neighbouring countries such as Norway and Sweden also have difficult Ramadan fast timings.






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