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Rats damage Rs 2 lakh in Mahabubabad District: KTR, Rathod ask officials to report

Municipal Administration Minister KT Rama Rao today directed Mahabubabad district Collector to inquire into the incident at Chandru Naik Thanda wherein a vegetable vendor Redya Naik lost his Rs 2 lakhs in his almirah bitten by rats.

The incident has gone viral in the media and in some television channels as the old man suffered a big loss.

The local banks denied accepting the damaged currency notes and also hospitals refused to provide treatment. The local bank officials suggested approaching the RBI in Hyderabad. The old man made efforts of no use for about four days to exchange the damaged money.

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Redya Naik has lost about Rs 2 lakhs of money which was totally damaged after being bitten by rats in his house in a rural area in the district. Reacting to the news in the media, the minister instructed the district officials to find out details and see that the victim gets all help like medical services.

The district officials are trying to get the details and to submit a report to the minister. ST Welfare Minister Satyavathi Rathod also instructed the officials to provide help to Redya Naik and get a report.