Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Researchers Release AI Covid Symptom Checkers To Improve Healthcare in US

As per the latest research, US researchers have developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered symptom checkers that will assist in assessing the Covid 19 risk.

AI To Help Asses COVID 19 Risk

The newly developed AI system is expected to reduce the number of people who would go to the clinics during the pandemic.

The covid symptom checker is developed by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). This will help the users to identify their levels of coronavirus risks and further assess if they would need urgent treatment based on their reports.

The tool is said to be fully integrated with the user’s medical records which will assist in immediate appointment scheduling.

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Covid Symptom Checker AI To Reduce Burden On Health Care System

The new checker will also reassure people who experience symptoms that may not be Covid 19 related.

The lead researcher Stephanie Aboueid from the University of California San Francisco School of Public Health and Health Systems said that the new symptoms checker has the potential to reduce the burden on health care systems and the risk of person-to-person infections. He said that the aim was to figure out a way to improve the platforms so more people can use it.

The study included 22 university students that were interviewed during the winter and spring of 2020. And at least 9 of them had no idea of any such tool.

The researchers also conducted a survey on general symptom checkers in the winter of 2021. The data suggested that 88 percent (1365 out of 1545) participants did not use any of the tools in the past tear.

As of now the newly created AI Covid symptom checker have been able to reduce the number of visits to the clinics. It also took into account the underlying conditions along with symptoms checks and follow-up appointments scheduling if needed.

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