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Revanth Reddy will join BJP after Lok Sabha polls: KTR

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Working President K.T. Rama Rao predicted that Telangana Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy will join the BJP after the Lok Sabha elections. He said Revanth Reddy would become the first leader in the country to join the BJP after the Lok Sabha polls.

Addressing a meeting of BRS leaders, Rama Rao added that Revanth Reddy’s silence regarding accusations of his ties with the BJP indicates a possible impending move. The BRS leader said if the Telangana Chief Minister has no plans to switch allegiance, he should publicly declare his commitment to remain with the Congress until the end.

Accusations have surfaced against Revanth Reddy that he has been extorting money from businessmen in the state and forwarding it to the Congress High Command in New Delhi, KTR added. The BRS leader alleged that The Telangana Chief Minister has already dispatched Rs 2,500 crore to Delhi for the upcoming parliamentary polls.

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To amass such huge money, Revanth Reddy allegedly halted the issuance of permissions for buildings and layouts over the past three months, pressuring real estate stakeholders for funds under the threat of denial of approvals, KTR said.

Addressing a meeting of BRS leaders from Secunderabad Lok Sabha constituency, KTR highlighted the dwindling power of the Congress, predicting that it would not secure more than 40 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

He asserted that only formidable regional political entities like TMC, AAP and BRS could thwart the BJP wave across the country, emphasising the growing support for local parties over Congress.

KTR criticised the Telangana Chief Minister for aligning himself with BJP’s ideology despite the Congress ruling the state, contrasting his stance with that of national party leaders. He accused Revanth Reddy of endorsing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Gujarat model, thus becoming subservient to Modi as a “chhota bhai” (younger brother).

Consequently, KTR affirmed that the Telangana Chef Minister would likely be the first Indian leader to join the BJP post the parliamentary elections. In addition, the BRS leader rebuked Revanth Reddy for his recent public remarks, likening him to a “thief carrying scissors in his pocket”.

KTR also dared the Telangana Chief Minister to take action against the culprits behind the alleged scams propagated by the Congress government, which he deemed as “distractions from the party’s failures in fulfilling electoral promises”. The BRS leader criticised BRS MLA Danam Nagender for recently joining the Congress, calling it as “opportunistic politics”.

He vowed to challenge Danam’s decision by defeating him on the Secunderabad parliamentary seat and in the upcoming Khairatabad by-election. KTR demanded swift action from the Assembly Speaker on the BRS’ complaint against Danam Nagender, threatening to pursue disqualification through legal channels if necessary.

The BRS leader criticised Secunderabad MP and Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy, saying he made no contribution to the city’s development and demanded accountability for his actions during his tenure. KTR referred to Kishan Reddy as an “accidental” MP and Union Minister, given his previous loss in the Amberpet constituency during the last Assembly elections.

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