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Ritika Nayak Set to Shine in Second Film ‘Duet’ – A Unique Love Story

Tollywood star Ritika Nayak has recently announced her upcoming film, “Duet,” where she takes on the lead role, marking her second venture in the film industry. The film will be directed by Chennai-based filmmaker Mithun Varadaraja Krishnan, with shooting scheduled to commence this month. The picturesque locations for filming include Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Odisha, and even the Maldives.

In an exclusive discussion about her new project, Ritika shared insights into her character in “Duet.” While the role may have elements of a typical romantic interest, she emphasized that the plot is far from typical. Love, in this story, is portrayed as both patient and capable of dealing blows to the ego. There’s also a touch of a criminal mindset woven into this unique love story.

Expressing her love for the romance genre, Ritika mentioned her willingness to embrace both timeless classics and contemporary approaches. Despite her inclination towards romance, she clarified that she is open to experimenting with different genres in cinema. Reflecting on her collaboration with Anand Deverakonda, Ritika acknowledged that romance will always have a presence in films, and she values the professional approach of the director and production houses.

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Discussing the intriguing poster of “Duet,” Ritika highlighted its significance, noting that it symbolizes the movie’s theme of opposites attracting. The sun and the moon depicted in the poster represent this contrast, promising a visually compelling and thematically rich cinematic experience. Ritika also teased the audience about the costumes, promising a captivating visual spectacle that aligns with the overarching theme of love in the film.

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