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Sameena Kausar’s Dominance in National Dirt Bike Racing Inspires on Women’s Day

In a celebration of courage and resilience, former Flight Lieutenant Sameena Kausar emerges as a beacon of empowerment, transitioning from the skies to the rugged terrains of India’s bike racing circuit.

Her journey commenced in December 2022, when Hero Motors recognized her talent among 90 riders nationwide for the Hero Dirt Bike Challenge Boot Camp in Bangalore.

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Triumphs at the National Level: Sameena Kausar swiftly established her prowess in the Indian National Racing Sprint Championship, securing the runners-up title in back-to-back events held in Pune and Bangalore. Undeterred by challenges, she soared in the motocross arena, clinching victory in the Hero Motors Xtracks time trials in the professional category in Bangalore.

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Conquering Challenges: Her triumph in the Hero Motors Xtracks time trials not only exemplified her skill but also earned her a coveted spot in the exclusive Hero Dirt Bike Challenge Boot Camp. This recognition among the nation’s top 90 riders underscores her exceptional abilities and commitment to the sport.

Navigating New Terrain: Sameena’s triumph extended to the TSD rally, where she conquered the demanding 100-kilometer course in Coimbatore, securing the top position with precision and speed.

Honors in the Indian Air Force: Prior to her racing achievements, Sameena Kausar showcased her mettle in the Indian Air Force, earning a Gold Medal for Weapon Fighting at the Air Force Academy. She further diversified her expertise by completing a Sailing and Wind Surfing Course conducted by Defence Services in Mumbai.

Reaching New Heights: In a display of physical prowess, Sameena scaled the BC Roy Peak at an impressive 18,000 feet during her tenure in the Indian Air Force. Her feat was part of the Basic Mountaineering Course conducted by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Darjeeling, where she secured an ‘A’ grade.

Challenges Ahead: As March unfolds, Sameena Kausar gears up for the Hero Motors race in Pune and the formidable SJOBA Rally in Chandigarh. The SJOBA Rally, renowned for testing endurance on treacherous terrains, including mud, gravel, dirt, and river crossings, spans approximately 620 kilometers over three days.

A Source of Inspiration: Sameena Kausar’s remarkable journey from the skies to the tracks serves as a powerful testament to the spirit of Women’s Day. As she continues to shatter barriers and set new standards in bike racing, her story resonates as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration for aspiring riders across the nation.

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