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Sardar Patel liberated Telangana from Razakars, Nizams: Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said that India’s first Home Minister Sardar Patel liberated Telangana from Razakars and Nizams. Addressing BJP’s election rallies at Jangaon and Korutla, he slammed the KCR government for not celebrating Hyderabad Liberation Day due to pressure from MIM.

“We have decided that once BJP government is formed in Telangana, every year September 17 will be officially celebrated as Hyderabad Liberation Day,” he said. Amit Shah paid tributes to those who laid down their lives while fighting Razakars at Bairanpally village. He said if the BJP is voted to power, it will commemorate the Bairanpally massacre on August 27 as ‘Razakar Horrors’ Remembrance Day.

The BJP leader said a memorial will be constructed at Bairanpally to pay homage to the martyrs. He dubbed the KCR government as number one in corruption in the country. “Once BJP comes to power, we will conduct an inquiry into all the scams and the corrupt will be thrown behind bars,” he said while alleging that many scams took place in the state during BRS rule.

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Alleging that the KCR government is indulging in minority appeasement, Amit Shah said that after the BJP comes to power in the state, it will scrap four percent reservation for Muslims and increase the reservation of BCs, SCs, and STs.

Stating that the coming election will decide the future of Telangana and the country for the next five years, he alleged that KCR failed to fulfill his promises. He said the BJP has promised that after BJP comes to power, the chief minister will be from backward classes. He promised that justice would also be done to Madigas by providing them with a vertical quota.

Targeting BRS, MIM and Congress over family rule, he dubbed them as 2G, 3G, and 4G parties. “BRS is a two generations party. Owaisis are controlling the party for three generations while Congress is being run by the fourth generation,” he said while claiming that BJP is the party of the people of Telangana.

Amit Shah claimed that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has earned respect and glory across the globe. He said by hosting the G20 conference, the government has further added to the country’s pride.

He also stated that the construction of the new Parliament wiped off symbols of slavery while the tricolor was sent to the moon through the Chandrayan mission.

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