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Saudi Arabia’s new ambassador reached Tehran

The newly appointed Saudi Arabian ambassador to Iran, Abdullah bin Saud Al-Anazi, arrived in Tehran, commencing his diplomatic mission, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

Upon his arrival in the Iranian capital, Ambassador Al-Anazi emphasized the directives from Saudi leadership that underscored the significance of bolstering relations and fostering increased communication and dialogue between the Kingdom and Iran.

He further noted that Saudi Arabia is keen on elevating relations between these neighboring nations to more extensive and fruitful dimensions. Recognizing their shared economic resources, natural assets, and strategic advantages, Ambassador Al-Anazi highlighted the potential for these factors to contribute to regional development, prosperity, stability, and security, benefiting both countries and their populations.

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The ambassador underlined that Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 serves as a comprehensive blueprint that encompasses various avenues of collaboration, which can be further expanded upon strategically.

This expansion is aimed at establishing a foundation of good neighborly relations, understanding, purposeful dialogues, and mutual respect, all working towards reinforcing trust between the two nations.

It’s worth noting that Saudi Arabia and Iran reached an agreement in March to restore diplomatic ties and reopen their embassies, marking a significant step in improving relations after years of tension.






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