Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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SC took umbrage over news channels for trading hate

Taking umbrage over the way the  mainstream news channels are trading hatred in the country, the Supreme Court on Wednesday observed that, “The News channels often set stages for such hateful broadcasting and then escaped unpunished. We cannot allow this hate mongering to spread further.”

While hearing a petition seeking action against TV channels spreading communal hatred, the Supreme Court bench comprising Justice K.M.Joseph and Rishikesh Roy observed that “As long as the errant channels are made to realise the results of such idiosyncrasy, the incidents will remain happened.” The court also asked why the government is playing a role of mute spectators against these incidents.

“Mainstream television channels enjoy popularity while TV anchors play an important role. Anchors should hold the responsibility and ensure that no guests in the program should cross the limits,” said the court adding that, “It is the duty of the anchors to ensure that no guest spews venom against anyone or any community during the show. Though the liberty of Individuals is important, the use of unparliamentary words on television cannot be allowed.”

Reminding that there were heavy penalties on channels for such audacities in the United Kingdom, Justice Joseph said that “There is no such rule exists here in India. If there were any such rules existed here in the country then the picture will be the other way around wherein channels will be made off air or penalised for such type of hate laden broadcastings.”

Justice Roy said that “Political leaders are the prime beneficiaries of such hateful yoke while the television news channels provide them the desired platform. The court also observed that the news channels and the state leaders milk earning with such programmes filled with hateful yokes. news channels get monetary benefits for such broadcastings for which they arrange 10 guests for a debate. Even the self regulation of these news channels was done by toothless regulatory bodies.”