Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Schools back in action with 20 percent strength on day one

Though less in number but the schools get back to their business again in the city with at least 20 percent of additional strength from 6th to 8th class have attended on the first day after the government allowed reopening of upper primary sections from today onwards.

The benches are set in order again in schools where pupils, though less in number, have seen cozying up with each other on their first day of school after a gap of one long year.

“Around 20 to 25 percent of students in the upper primary section attended the schools today making the first day a good beginning after a lull of almost one year. Sufficient arrangements were made to ensure the safety of the students. Besides, the latest development will bring back the employment in the education domain that hits hard due to coronavirus lockdown. For sure the teaching and non-teaching staff, that suffered a lot due to pandemic, feels a sigh of relief with the latest development as much of the staff pins hope of rejoining the work soon,” said Habeeb Abdul Rahman, President Telangana All Minorities Employees and Workers Association (T-All MEWA), Rangareddy District.

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There are 10,984 recognized budget schools in the entire Telangana state wherein around 33 lakh students are enrolled. Only five districts such as Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Medchal, Vicarabad, and Sangareddy carry 4,500 budget schools where 16 lakh students are enrolled. The students of these five districts alone form over 50% of the whole strength enrolled in the entire state. Moreover, out of 5.34 lakh, students enrolled in the 10th class, at least two lakh of them come from the above five districts.

However, the decision of the Telangana Government to allow the reopening of the upper primary section days after allowing the high school section took several health experts by surprise.

The medical experts feel that the government’s decision is completely uncalled for at a time when the contagion is gradually convulsing again and has forced many states to sweep under the carpet by unfolding fresh restrictions.

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There is an element of plausibility in experts’ opinion given the fact that Maharashtra has re-imposed the restrictions after witnessing a reported surge in coronavirus active cases the West Bengal government made covid-19 negative report compulsory for the passengers coming from Telangana, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka from 27th February. The directions were issued to all the state airports for the implementation of orders with immediate effect.

Experts are of the view that the government might have been forced to take the decision only to stem the tide of increasing unemployment in the state especially in the education sector which has hit hard due to coronavirus lockdown. They felt that there is no point in taking such a decision at a time when the contagion is convulsing again.

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