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SCR Implements Safety Measures and Smoking Ban on Trains

South Central Railway (SCR) personnel have taken severe measures to protect the safety of railway premises during a month-long safety drill, booking 219 cases against those detected smoking in these areas. An additional seven complaints were filed against people who were bringing flammables, such as firecrackers, on trains.

SCR personnel made a concerted effort to execute the safety assessments between October 18 and November 16. There were 1540 checks at various railway stations, 1028 checks in trains, and 186 checks on other railway sites.

Ahead of Diwali, awareness campaigns were established to warn rail users about the dangers of transporting combustible objects on trains. SCR officials had warned passengers not to travel by train with firecrackers or other explosives, such as gas cylinders, petrol, or fuel.

This safety effort demonstrates SCR’s dedication to improving passenger security and reducing unpleasant situations. Strict adherence to rules and regulations strives to provide a safer environment at railway facilities.

On Friday, November 17, a fake safety practice was held at Bolarum train station in partnership with the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). The practice replicated a rail carriage incident, putting various emergency and disaster response agencies to the test. The exercise required the use of specialist equipment and tools, including a saber saw and an abrasive cutter, and provided hands-on training with cold cutting equipment. The goal was to ensure the effectiveness of emergency response teams in real-world settings.

The SCR’s proactive approach to safety measures demonstrates its dedication to providing passengers with a safe and worry-free travel experience. The combination of awareness campaigns, safety drills, and stringent checks contributes to train users’ overall well-being.

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