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Shanghai records highest May temperature in over 100 years

The Chinese city of Shanghai has recorded its highest temperature in May after more than 100 years, state media reported.

On Monday, the maximum temperature stood at 36.1 degrees Celsius, beating the previous record of 35.7 degrees Celsius which was first recorded in May 1876 and had been reached just three other times in 1903, 1915 and 2018, CNN reported citing the state media.

According to the Shanghai Meteorological Department, Monday’s record-breaking heat wave for May was recorded in the city’s Xuhui district.

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Earlier in the day, the Department had issued its first high-temperature alert of the year as the mercury surpassed 35 degrees for three consecutive days.

Last July, a heat wave swept through China, with Shanghai recording 50 days of temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius.





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