Monday, September 28, 2020
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Social Activist’s Death Celebrated by IPS Officer

Recall N Nageswara Rao, who was delegated as the interval head of India’s federal probe organization CBI in October 2018 by the Narendra Modi government? Rao, presently a retired IPS official, is confronting far-reaching judgment after he took to Twitter to collectively charged tweet to celebrate the passing of famous social activist Swamy Agnivesh. The Indian Police Foundation has given an unprecedented comment saying that Rao had dishonoured the police uniform.

In his questionable tweet, Rao had stated: GOOD RIDDANCE @swamiagnivesh You were an Anti-Hindu wearing saffron garments. You did every thing you could to harm Hinduism. I am embarrassed that you were conceived as a Telugu Brahmin. మేక వన్నె పులి गोमुख व्याग्रं  A lion in sheep garments. My complaint against Yamaraj is the reason why did he hold up this long!


His remarks evoked enormous scope judgment from antiquarians, activists and writers with many naming them dishonourable and insolent to the Hindu religion. Nonetheless, Rao stayed resolved expressing that no place did Hinduism bar individuals from praising a person’s passing.


The most searing critique originated from the Indian Police Foundation, which expressed: Tweeting such scorn messages by a retired officer acting as an IPS official – he has dishonoured the police uniform which he wore and humiliated the administration. He hurts the whole police power in the nation, particularly the youthful officials.

A year ago, the Supreme Court had held Rao liable for contempt of court. Rao was condemned to detainment till the ascending of the court. This implied Rao needed to sit in a side of the court till the day’s end. He was additionally fined Rs 1 lakh. The top court had descended intensely on Rao for the barefaced infringement of the Supreme Court request while moving a key CBI official investigating brutalities in Muzaffarpur shelter home.