Friday, December 3, 2021
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Spine Surgeries not Debilitating, Can Bring Solace if Treated Timely

Keeping oneself ramrod straight all the time is not easy as an evolving lifestyle coupled with moving age leaves a trail of pain back in the spine that inevitably needs your attention. The issue takes a more serious turn with the growing age and leaves the patient gasping for an iota of solace. What is a more appropriate time to discuss the issue then the World Spine Day while some of the specialist doctors in Hyderabad city are treating the patients confidently?

Though the modern day medical science brought promising treatment for spine related back pain, it needs a proper light of the day to reach out the patients living through the excruciating pain. According to experts, if one experiences leg pain, it’s important to visit a specialist for a precise diagnosis and treatment plan.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sukumar Sura, Chief of Spine Surgery, Asian Spine Hospital, Hyderabad said, “We often ignore obvious symptoms such as leg pain. The reality is that leg pain, especially when walking or standing up, can be a symptom of problems with your spine impinging or “pinching” nerve roots. People often put off back pain and think it will get cured with some days of rest. However, ignoring symptoms such as recurring or sharp shooting pain over the time can lead to other issues.”

“Spine surgeries are not debilitating and one should get rid of fear psychosis with awareness,” he said, adding that “Options such as rest, steroid injections, heat, and physical therapy may relieve pain. If the symptoms do not improve, the doctor may recommend spinal fusion surgery to alleviate pain. Other treatments include MIS Spine and posterior cervical spine correction done with the help of intra-operative nerve monitoring and other tools. This way the doctors get a clear understanding about the follow up steps with minimal invasion.”

Elucidating about the procedure, Dr. Sura said, “The goal of spinal fusion is to bring stability first to the spine. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the disc between the vertebrae in order to stabilize the spine. The surgeon will insert material between the vertebrae which will promote the two vertebral bodies to “fuse” into one bone structure. An evolving trend in spinal surgery is minimally invasive surgery. This technique makes the use of smaller incisions to do traditional surgeries through new approaches.”

“There are many myths surrounding spinal surgeries, the most prominent one being that it can lead to paralysis. However, this is not the case. With many techniques available today, it is possible for patients to lead a better quality of life after surgery,” he claimed.