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State govt well prepared to deal with current heatwave conditions: Harish Rao

Health Minister T Harish Rao said on Wednesday that the state was well prepared to deal with the current heatwave conditions. The Health Minister took part in a review of the measures to be taken in the aftermath of increased temperatures and hailstorms organized by the Union Health Ministry with the Health Ministers and Disaster Management Officers of the seven states.

Harish Rao spoke about the state government’s initiatives. He stated that in the wake of rising temperatures and the impact of hailstorms, the Health Department was notified promptly and implemented a two-pronged public health care strategy. He stated that a review was conducted in the first week of March, and that two medical officers from each district received special training.

They provided training to the medical staff of all district-level health centers, including subcenters and PHCs.

According to the Minister, public health and hospital response systems are ready. He explained that all arrangements had been made, including campaign programs to educate people about the precautions that should be taken, as well as making necessary medicines available in all hospitals, including PHC and UPHC.

He also stated that sheds and water facilities were installed in bus stops, railway stations, building construction zones, and employment guarantee works. The Minister also said that they were prepared to treat adults and children who had suffered from sunstroke.

He added that speciality wards and ICU beds have been set up in the hospitals, and that 108 ambulances have been made available, along with the necessary medicines, to provide immediate medical assistance.

He said IV fluids, ORS, and other medications are now available at all primary care facilities. He stated that timely alerting by the Central Government and the Meteorological Department will speed up the implementation of early measures by all state governments. On this occasion, the minister advised residents of the state to take precautions due to the extreme heat.







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