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STEM Scholarship Phase II Announced

Syngene International Ltd., in partnership with the Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH), has unveiled the second phase of its STEM Scholarship and Mentorship Programme for Women.

This initiative aims to support women pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at tier 2 and 3 institutions across India, providing invaluable industry exposure and mentorship.

Out of 549 applications received, 216 candidates were shortlisted based on academic excellence, socio-economic background, and their chosen STEM disciplines. Following rigorous one-on-one interviews with 151 students, a Selection Committee comprising industry and academic experts selected 30 undergraduates and 20 postgraduates for the programme.

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Sridevi Khambhampaty, Vice President of Biopharmaceutical Development at Syngene, highlighted the programme’s role in fostering innovation and diversity within STEM fields. She emphasized its significance in addressing high dropout rates and limited career prospects, particularly in smaller cities, by offering scholarships and mentorship. Khambhampaty underscored how these initiatives bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application, ultimately empowering women to succeed.

The programme also received acclaim from Akshita Kulshrestha, a beneficiary from the first cohort, who praised the impactful mentorship that contributed significantly to her academic and professional journey. Rashmi Pimpale, CEO of RICH, acknowledged the positive outcomes of mentorship, emphasizing its role in enhancing project quality, building confidence, fostering networking opportunities, and enabling women to achieve excellence in their chosen fields.

The launch event recognized 21 achievers from the inaugural cohort, celebrating their achievements and the programme’s success in nurturing future leaders in STEM.

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