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Stone-pelting mars religious procession in Gujarat, 10 injured

At least 10 people, including a sub-inspector, were injured during stone pelting at an annual religious procession from a temple in Thasra, a town in Gujarat’s Kheda district, escalating tensions between two communities, a source said on Saturday.

The incident occurred on Friday and the injured comprised the sub-inspector, two constables, and seven locals. Authorities are currently investigating whether the act of stone pelting was premeditated or a spontaneous occurrence.

Efforts to maintain peace in the region are underway, with leaders from both communities engaged in dialogues. Authorities are also scrutinizing video footage of the incident to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for the stone-pelting.

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The traditional ‘Shobha yatra,’ which is conducted every year from the Shiva temple on the final day of the ‘Shravan’ month, witnessed a participation of 700-800 devotees this time, according to Kheda Superintendent of Police Rajesh Gadhia.

When the procession reached the Teen-battle area, a group of anti-social elements launched an attack by pelting stones and bricks at the gathering. Swift police intervention at the scene managed to restore order.

Additional reinforcements from various parts of the district have been summoned and deployed within the town to prevent any further untoward incidents.







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