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Student Brutally Attacked at Hyderabad College, Battling for Life

In a disturbing event that occurred at a college in Hyderabad’s Nalgonda X Road area, a student was brutally assaulted by a classmate, resulting in life-threatening injuries. The victim, named as Syed Arif, is presently in serious condition in a hospital, fighting for his life.

The attack occurred on the campus of the institution, and the attacker was a fellow student named Kaif. This heinous incident allegedly occurred when Kaif sought test practice papers from Arif, who refused to cooperate.

The savagery of the assault was documented on camera and then widely disseminated on social media channels. The video depicts Kaif’s aggressive activities in the SIS College cellar, painting a bleak image of the incident. Arif had severe injuries that rendered him unable to walk normally.

A official report has been filed with the Chaderghat Police Station in reaction to this tragic occurrence. Authorities have taken your allegation seriously and launched an extensive investigation to uncover the full scope of the occurrence and bring those responsible accountable.

This tragic tragedy raises serious concerns regarding student safety in educational institutions. The video clip, which depicts a violent altercation between students on college grounds, serves as a sharp reminder of the critical necessity to implement and enforce strong safety measures in schools and universities. Educational institutions must prioritize their students’ safety and well-being, taking proactive actions to prevent such situations and responding quickly when they occur.



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