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Swiggy Delivery Executive Accused of Molesting Domestic Help: Concerns Raised Over Safety and Response”

In a disturbing occurrence, a Swiggy delivery executive molested a domestic help working at a city apartment as she was receiving an order. When the delivery boy arrived with the order, the woman was alone at home. He took advantage of the situation and groped her before fleeing before she could raise an alert.

The homeowner immediately filed a complaint with Swiggy, the meal delivery app, but despite multiple attempts to escalate the situation, no significant action was taken against the perpetrator. Surprisingly, the app’s authorities did not respond for several weeks.After confiding in Divya, the homeowner, the victim spent hours on the phone with Swiggy’s customer support.

Despite her relentless attempts, she received only a chat session, with little attention paid to her requests for a phone call. The promise of a callback at the specified number was never kept. Frustrated by the lack of response, Divya filed a second complaint, only to be promised that the offender would be dealt with within 48 hours. Unfortunately, the app’s administrators did little and the women were kept waiting for justice for several weeks.

The domestic help eventually asked for the conflict to be ended, and her employer agreed out of respect for her decision and to restore her peace of mind. The domestic help also informed Divya that the guy who abused her was younger than her own son.

Swiggy has responded to the situation by suspending the delivery executive involved, according to company executives. In addition, an extensive inquiry of the incident is presently underway. However, Swiggy’s failure to fix this key issue has left many users, particularly women, frustrated and disheartened. The incident has highlighted concerns about the platform’s safety and response, highlighting the need for stronger safeguards to ensure the safety of both clients and delivery staff.



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