Thursday, December 2, 2021
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‘Tahaffuz-e-Quran Ghar’ to safeguard Holy Scripture at Barkas Graveyard

To avoid desecration of discarded fragments of the worn out holy scripture, the Majlis Tanzeem Sabil-Ul-Khair of Barkas come up with a unique idea to use an obsolete room at old Graveyard as to conserve the stuff and named it ‘Tahaffuz-e-Quran Ghar’ (Home to conserve the discarded fragments of Quran).

The Majlis Tanzeem Sabil-Ul-Khair Barkas – a body that provides space to bury the departed loved once belongs to Arab communities living in Barkas area, has turned an obsolete room at Barkas Graveyard into restored house to store the discarded fragments of Holy Scripture before safely disposing them off.

​“Upon learning that the fragments of Holy Scripture, disposed off largely by the Muslim families and people of madrasas tugged amid the populace are scattering on the ground and tantamount to a desecration, the Majlis Tanzeem Sabil-ul-Khair Barkas led by President Hasan Bin Abood Sadi has decided to ensure its safe disposal by securing and storing them into a room to avoid such profanation,” informed Mufti Omer Abubaker Al Mallahi Al Husaini, the Chief Patron Majlis Tanzeem Sabil-Ul-Khair Barkas.

“We start using an old obsolete room in the Graveyard to store the fragments of Holy Scripture by renovating the room and named it ‘Tahaffuz-e-Quran Ghar’, he said, adding that “The idea behind setting up Tahaffuz-e-Quran Ghar is to protect the holy stuff from scattering on the ground and store it safely before disposing them off properly. This way we were able to secure and keep hold of the sanctity of the Holy Scripture.”