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Taliban Bans Women From Entering Coffee Shops, Playing Music Without A Male Relative

As per the latest reports, the women and girls without a male relative going with them were restricted from entering coffee shops in Afghanistan’s Herat area, local media detailed.

Sheik Azizi ur Rahman Al-Mohajer, the head of righteousness and bad habit of the Taliban office in Herat, said from this point forward playing music and ladies without a ‘mahram’ (relative) are prohibited, the report said. He said lawbreakers are likewise not permitted in coffeehouses. As per him, most uncertainties, kidnappings, burglaries, and disastrous activities can be arranged in such coffee shops.

Cafe Owners Will Face Legal Actions Over Defiance 

“The café owners are cautioned assuming any guidance infringement are accounted for, they will be confronted with legal actions,” Al-Mohajer said, adding that coffeehouses can stay open till 9.30 p.m.

As per him, these coffee shops fill in as a helpful spot for the majority of the ethical defilement that has deceived the adolescents in Herat. He underlined any pronouncement on shutting all coffee shops in Herat can be given from Kabul.

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This comes as of late after all life-sized models were decapitated as they looked like symbols, guidance from the Taliban government that caused part of public resistance.

Almost five months in the wake of recovering power, the Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has recovered its job as the authority of the gathering’s extreme translation of Islamic law, RFE/RL revealed. In a spate of declarations given as of late, the Ministry has forced limitations on the conduct, development, and appearances of inhabitants, especially those of ladies and girls.

While the aggressors have guaranteed the declarations are just suggestions, Taliban strict police have authorized the new laws, in some cases savagely, in numerous areas. Numerous Afghans have voiced their annoyance at the Taliban’s strict policing, saying it is a device for embarrassing residents and controlling each part of their lives.

For Afghans, the pronouncements are suggestive of the draconian guidelines the Taliban forced during its fierce rule from 1996 to 2001.

Obaidullah Baheer, a Kabul-based scholar, said by compelling its own understanding of Sharia law upon Afghans, the Taliban is “locking out the populace from direction” and uncovering its “oppressive propensities”, the report added.

Baheer said the Taliban sees “any test to (its) strategies as a test to the actual confidence”.

Heads Of The Models To Be Covered 

Last month, the Taliban requested retailers in the western city of Herat to remove the heads of life sized models, demanding they were un-Islamic. The request enraged nearby retailers, who are as of now faltering from a financial emergency set off by the Taliban takeover and the unexpected stop in worldwide help.

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“These life sized models will be destroyed in the event that I am compelled to execute them,” Mohammad Irshad, who possesses three retail locations in Herat said. “It will contrarily affect every one of our clients – – men, ladies, and kids. They will lose their craving (for shopping),” the report cited Irshad as saying.

Abdul Wadud Faizada, the top of Herat’s Chamber of Commerce, said the “heads of life sized models ought to be covered and not annihilated”. The Taliban has said that didn’t go adequately far.





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