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TDP Expected to Secure Key Ministerial Berths in NDA Cabinet

Ahead of the impending swearing-in ceremony of the Union Council of Ministers, discussions within the BJP-led NDA alliance suggest that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) could secure a notable presence. With nearly 15 spots potentially earmarked for NDA allies, the TDP, boasting 16 MPs, emerges as a pivotal constituent.

Senior BJP figures, including Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, and JP Nadda, engaged in deliberations with alliance partners at Nadda’s residence. Initial talks reportedly involved one-on-one meetings, with attention directed towards key portfolios.

While the BJP aims to retain control over core ministries such as Home, External Affairs, Defence, and Finance, it appears inclined to allot significant roles to the TDP. The TDP’s potential allocation could encompass three berths, including a cabinet post and two Ministers of State, underscoring its heightened importance within the NDA fold.

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This strategic positioning contrasts with past dynamics, where the TDP held a cabinet minister and a Minister of State position before exiting the NDA in 2018. Despite maintaining a comparable MP count at that time, the TDP’s influence within the alliance is perceived as more pronounced now.

Similarly, other NDA allies, such as the JD-U, are expected to vie for ministerial berths, reflecting the evolving power dynamics within the coalition. However, the TDP’s anticipated role signals a significant reassertion of its stature within the alliance, potentially shaping the contours of the forthcoming Union Council of Ministers.

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