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Teacher, deployed in caste survey, dies of heart attack in Bihar’s Saran

A teacher in Bihar’s Saran district died of a heart attack, while engaged on the caste survey.

The deceased, identified as Muni Manoj Yadav, a teacher of government-middle school Balua in Saran’s Sadar block, was deployed as enumerator in ward number 5 of Musepur Panchayat.

On Monday, he was on the way to district headquarter Chapra to upload the data when collapsed at Misepur Chowk. The passersby came to his aid and took him to the nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead.

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Yadav has a daughter and a son. He was the only bread earner of the family. The family members claimed that he was suffering from illness, still he was performing duty and had not consulted the doctors in absence of money.

Musepur Panchayat Mukhiya Ballu Yadav and Teachers Association treasurer Rakesh Kumar Singh expressed deep condolences to his family members.







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