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Teen allegedly kills mother over suspicion of messaging

A 17-year-old teenager in Maharashtra’s Palghar district has allegedly killed his mother over suspicions that she had been messaging someone from her phone, authorities said. According to authorities, the incident occurred late Sunday night in the Parole area of Vasai township.

As per reports, the boy’s unease regarding his mother’s character had been a recurring source of conflict between them. Inspector Ashok Kamble of Mandvi police station said the victim, identified as Sonali Gogra (35), was subject to persistent arguments over this issue.

On Sunday evening, while the boy was having his dinner, he noticed his mother engrossed in messaging someone on her mobile phone. Fuelled by his suspicions and anger, the young man reportedly retrieved an axe and used it to inflict fatal blows on his mother.

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No other family members were present within the household at the time of the gruesome incident. Gogra was urgently transported to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Bhiwandi. However, she was declared brought dead by the attending doctors.

In response to the heinous act, authorities have registered a case under Indian Penal Code Section 302, pertaining to murder. The accused remains at large and is currently being pursued by law enforcement.









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