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“Telangana Announces New Government Medical College and Multi Super Specialty Hospital in Mulugu District

In a momentous statement, Health Minister T Harish Rao announced the establishment of a new government medical college in Mulugu district centre, with operations expected to begin the next academic year. Harish Rao observed the ongoing construction of the government Multi Super Specialty Hospital located on the premises of the old central jail during his visit to the site, accompanied by Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao and concerned authorities.

Harish Rao also mentioned the opening of the Father Colombo Institute of Medical Sciences in Warangal, making the city a city with three medical colleges. He stated that the Telangana government is dedicated to offering equal opportunity to all citizens, regardless of caste or religion. He also observed the huge increase in the number of government colleges in Telangana, from three in the previous 60 years to 21 in nine years.

Regarding the hospital’s ongoing construction, Harish Rao urged L&T officials to hasten the procedure. The new design comprises 2,100 beds, 800 of which are dedicated to super speciality services. The construction work is approximately 60% complete, encompassing 14 lakh square feet. The hospital will provide 36 different sorts of services.
. The facility will provide 36 various sorts of services, allowing patients to receive modern treatment without having to travel to Hyderabad.

A six-lane road encircling the hospital, as well as a dedicated ambulance entrance, are being built to ensure smooth traffic flow and quick ambulance access. In addition, on-site housing for 250 people will be provided, mostly for families of patients receiving transplant treatments. Visitors will be able to stay in a ‘Dharamshala’ on the hospital grounds. Other planned facilities include generators, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, specialised quarters for resident doctors, and a 450-person conference hall.

During his visit, Harish Rao also inaugurated a T-Diagnostic Hub at the Government Maternity Hospital in Hanamkonda, which was built with a Rs 1 crore investment.


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