Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Telangana CM Urges Public To Follow Covid Safety Guidelines On World Health Day

Amidst the sudden increase of the Coronavirus cases across the country, Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrasekhar Rao urged the netizens to follow the Covid guidelines.

Telangana CM Addresses Public On World Health Day

As per the reports, Telangana CM appealed to the people and requested them to keep the environment clean and green. He further asked them to take care of their health by eating nutritious food, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and curb the spread of Coronavirus.

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Telangana Chief Minister also know as KCR said in the message that health is wealth. He assured the netizens that the state government is tirelessly working towards a healthy society. He said that if people are healthy then only development is possible.

KCR further said that the state government is successfully implementing various programmes and welfare schemes to provide and improve public health. He said that the government has strengthened the public health centres, hospitals, medical and health system across the state.

Telangana Launches Schemes To Integrate Better Availability of Nutritious Food

Talking about the welfare schemes he noted that the Basti Dawakhanas started in the Greater Hyderabad have shown good results and would further be implemented in other towns and cities. With measures like these, the state government has improved the availability of medical and healthcare services. They have further brought healthcare to the people’s doorsteps and further improve the standards.

Telangana government has also made efforts to increase the protein intake within the state. They launched a scheme to integrate both vegetarian and non-vegetarian markets and increase the consumption of protien rich diet.

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KCR said that the programmes launched with the Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi have won many awards and show that the state government is working towards bettering public health. He said in the past year, the reason why the state could standstill in spite of the pandemic is because of the good habits and strong immune system within their citizens.

He further pointed out that the Mission Bhagiratha Scheme provided pure and safe drinking water for every household and improve public health.

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