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Telangana formation day celebrations approach their conclusion

On Sunday, the decennial celebrations of Telangana’s formation day reached its final phase,

With only a few days until the three-week celebrations come to an end, officials were busy making plans to ensure the success of the remaining programs.

The festivities began on June 2, the day the state was formed. The government organizes programs on a daily basis to highlight the state’s progress in various sectors over the last nine years.

Telangana Drinking Water Festival was held on Sunday. Because the Telangana region suffered greatly due to drinking water scarcity in the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh, the celebrations highlighted Telangana’s transformation into a 100% drinking water supply state through Mission Bhagiratha.

On Monday, as part of the Telangana Green Festival (‘Haritha utsavam,’ a large-scale plantation program scheduled to be carried out in all villages and towns across the state. This will explain the state Forest Department’s efforts to increase greenery in the state as well as the improvement of forest cover in the state.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao will inaugurate Haritha utsavam by planting saplings in an urban park in Tummaluru village, Rangareddy district, near Hyderabad. The Forest Department has planned to plant 25,000 saplings across 25 acres.

R.M. Dobriyal, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, briefed the district collectors on the Haritha utsavam and suggested that plantation programs be implemented in all towns and villages.

The program should include all government offices and other institutions. The achievements of the government in Harithaharam will be highlighted in all constituency-level programs.

Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari stated that all urban parks will be open for free on the day, and the public should be encouraged to visit them. She stated that the public must be educated and made aware of the importance of plantation in order for the program to continue.

With the goal to increase green cover, the state government launched the Harithaharam plantation program in 2015. According to the government, 273 crore saplings have been planted so far as part of this drive.

Telangana Education Day will be held on June 20. Meetings will be held in all educational institutions across the state to highlight educational achievements.

Telangana Spiritual Day will be celebrated on June 21 with a variety of events at temples, mosques, churches, and other places of worship.

Telangana Martyrs Commemoration Day will conclude the celebrations on June 22. People in villages, towns, cities, and schools will pay their respects to the martyrs and remain silent.

A large rally in memory of the martyrs will be held at Hyderabad’s Tank Bund. The Chief Minister will inaugurate the newly built Martyrs Memorial near Tank Bund.







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